Meet the Staff

Kevin Walker - Managing Director

Kevin is a qualified Occupational Psychologist with extensive experience of developing effective teams and leaders, enhancing communication skills and corporate creativity. He specialises in raising people's self-awareness, breaking down hierarchical barriers and silo mentality, and developing effective communication both within and between teams.

He enjoys designing bespoke courses which address company specific requirements, particularly where this involves enhancing creative thinking and innovation.

In addition to running his own programs, Kevin has collaborated with other training organizations, including the Leadership Trust, Beacons Leadership, Action Based Leadership, Aberclydach House, Jill Davies Associates, the International Consulting Group, DLJ Sabre, JAC International, the Barry Harding Consultancy, Elan Valley Lodge, and Palladium.

Kevin was the Senior Outdoor Management Development Tutor with Compass Teamwork Development. He is also an associate consultant with Insight Human Resource Consulting, Action Based Consultants, and IWMC. This varied background has given him a wide experience of many different types and styles of development training in both the public and private sectors, and with businesses of all types and sizes.

A keen outdoorsman, Kevin also offers constructive leisure training, including navigation, hill skills and mountain safety, group leadership, and walking for wellbeing. He is author of several books and a qualified mountaineer and caver

Facilitation & Technical Team

Depending on the nature and requirements of the training, Kevin also uses the services of a small team of experienced associate facilitators and technicians. Individuals have been chosen for their technical expertise, their professionalism, and the effectiveness of their approach. All are fully qualified.